The performance is more like monotypes, unique, single prints. These are not numerous postcard copies. The view that just shook us, made us think, very soon wallowed into nothingness.

Of course, the performance is repeated more than once, but this is another, different in rhythm, tone, and emotions. The photography of the performance is that-what has passed. And never will be again. This is the magic of the moment, the stopped flight of thought.

Theater photography is not fast food, it is the same performance that you need to look at, reflect on, go through again and again.

I'm waiting for you, my love

Theater aus dem Nichts, 'I'm waiting for you my love' Lyudmila Akinfieva - stage director.

March 2019 Hamburg

Werther Opernloft

Opera J. Massenet 'Werther' at the Opernloft theater in Hamburg. Caitlin Redding - Charlotte, Stepan Karelin - Albert, Ines Vinkelau - Sophie, Ljuban Zivanovic - Werther
Anke Rauthmann - stage director, Margarethe Mast - set designer, Makiko Eguchi - musical direction.
Opernloft im alten Fährterminal

Mai 2019 Hamburg